Crofty enthusiasts meet

There has been for many years a presence and following of American cars and vehicles throughout Wales, these range from the classics to the now more popular modern vehicles seen on our roads such as the Ford Mustang's, Chevrolet Camero's and Dodge's. The Swansea American auto club was formed by chance from people meeting at various shows and events turning up with their American vehicles which others had never known about, you never know what is locked away and usually these will only surface during the summer months.

Our journey started with Martin a collector of classic American cars who has been on the American car scene for over 25 years and based at an industrial estate in Penclawdd, a village located 8 miles outside of Swansea city famous mostly for it's Cockles and stunning Gower views. Who would have thought you may sometimes hear the odd rumble of a V6 or V8 in this quiet Welsh industrial estate.  Every few months throughout the year weather permitting enthusiasts meet at the Crofty Industrial Estate, if it has an engine everyone is more than welcome to attend and we are proud to be a big part of this.  We don't just limit ourselves to Swansea but like to link up with our other fellow enthusiasts in other parts of Wales and also the rest of the UK as well, although time and other commitments do sometimes get in the way.

Anyway that's our story, if you wish find out any more please send us an email through our Contact Us page, we also have a Facebook page, Twitter account and on Instagram as well so please look us up and follow us.             

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